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Radiant Energy was founded to provide intelligent, sustainable technology that helps improve the betterment of everyday lives throughout Africa. Through the utilization of renewable energy, Radiant Energy has identified and implemented a range of solar products and technologies that positively contribute to business and personal activities.

Radiant Energy sources and supplies some of the most innovative and advanced solar products available. These products provide practical, easy-to-use and cost-effective energy solutions for both personal and commercial use.  Aside from its solar energy activities, Radiant Energy provides consultation, implementation assessments, project management and logistics support, working closely with our clients and the in the communities where we operate.

With operations throughout Africa, North America and The Philippines, the team brings a unique and comprehensive mix of local knowledge and industry expertise in procurement, energy technologies, engineering, sales and marketing. These critical assets enable the company to operate with ease throughout most of the World.

Radiant Energy was founded by Prince Motlokwa, a citizen of Botswana, and Nikoli Sulkko from Canada. Nikoli identified and became involved in the solar trend early on. He undertook a series of solar technology programs and then spent several years implementing installations in remote areas of Canada. Prince is a proven international entrepreneur with key contacts in many African nations.  His years living in Botswana provided first-hand knowledge of the critical need for stable and economical energy solutions for Africa.



Radiant Energy efficiently and effectively uses the talent and expertise of team members in Canada, Africa and Asia to meet the unique needs of our customers and their projects.  From lighting up rural communities, to pumping water and feeding the electrical grid with solar generation, we aim to be instrumental in the use of solar power in all corners of the world.

Radiant Energy sources and supplies that most innovative solar products available.  Our products are consumer-friendly, easy-to-use and cost-effective that support our mandate of improving efficiency and productivity through harnessing the power of sustainable energy.  We are able to fulfill small scale and large scale solar energy solutions suited to any budget, including home solar systems, water pumps, exterior and street lights, electric bicycles, and customized solar-powered medical clinics.

The services and capabilities of our team members include:








Prince Motlokwa, CEO & Founder

Prince is a global businessman that was educated in Botswana, England and Canada which has provided him with diverse international experience. He is a proven entrepreneur that brings a truly global perspective to business. With experience in oil & gas, technology and sales/marketing, his breadth of expertise, vibrant energy, business aptitude and local connections in Africa and Canada make him a tremendous asset to any partnership.

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Nikoli Sulkko, President

Nikoli is a journeyman tradesman with years of experience in various disciplines and specialized study. While owner of Zereko Mining Contractors he spearheaded technical innovations in the underground mining industry.  His knowledge of PV technology comes from years of personal usage as well as being formally trained in photovoltaic installation with Solar Energy International.

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  • “My home in Nigeria has greatly benefited from utilizing the power of light
    generated from the solar system. It’s very impressive.”

    Mr. Kunle, customer



Lighting the Future

The SOS Children’s Village in Botswana has a new way to light up its hallways this evening thanks to Radiant Energy. Prince Motlokwa, co-founder and CEO of Radiant Energy, presented the orphanage with a mini solar system Continue Reading..


Solar Street Lights in the Philippines

Radiant Energy installed street lights in a remote village in the Philippines.


Illuminating the Philippines

Radiant Energy is proud to announce that we have expanded into the Philippines. At a local convenience store, our team installed solar-powered exterior lights. The lights have added improved security and awareness to the store – enabling the store to extend it’s operating hours and successfully increasing sales.


Lighting up Homes in Africa

It’s no secret that rural areas and villages in Africa are the most in need to alternative energy solutions.  On a recent visit to Botswana, Radiant Energy CEO, Prince Motlokwa delivered and installed portable home solar systems Continue Reading..


Boidus Botswana – May 2014

Article: Radiant Energy Enters Botswana with Solar Vision
Read full article here - Boidus Botswana, May 2014, Vol. 4, Issue 4


Solar Chargers Change Lives in Rural Botswana

People living in the rural villages in Botswana are in great need of electricity to power basic everyday needs. Many areas are not accessible by the grid and residents lack financial resources to pay for electricity. Continue Reading..


Press Release: Botswana Native Has Vision to Light the Future with Solar Energy


Gaborone, Botswana – Prince Motlokwa, co-founder of solar company Radiant Energy, has returned to his birthplace with a vision to put Botswana on the global stage as a leader in solar energy. After spending almost a decade away in the UK and Canada, Prince brings his international experience, connections and global perspective to grow the solar industry in Botswana.

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We are passionate about improving lives through intelligent sustainable technology.
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