Press Release: Botswana Native Has Vision to Light the Future with Solar Energy


Gaborone, Botswana – Prince Motlokwa, co-founder of solar company Radiant Energy, has returned to his birthplace with a vision to put Botswana on the global stage as a leader in solar energy. After spending almost a decade away in the UK and Canada, Prince brings his international experience, connections and global perspective to grow the solar industry in Botswana.

Since 2009 Prince has focused his career in alternative energy after spotting this as an important, growing global trend. In Canada, solar panels are everywhere you look – road signs, oil and gas wells, remote cottages and on the roof tops of houses and colleges. Through a feed-in tariff modeled after Germany, homeowners in Canada use their solar arrays to sell excess power to the utility. This is also a good business prospect for Botswana homeowners who would have opted to use solar. Successful solar markets also exist in some of the strongest economies of the world. “In Europe its Germany, in Asia it is China, they both have billion dollar solar industries. What’s crazy is If countries like the UK, Germany, and Canada are implementing solar with a fraction of our sunshine, why aren’t we?”

Nobody owns the sun, there is no cost to the country to embrace the power of the sun. This is an opportunity to harvest solar power and also cut the dependence on electricity and suppliers such as Eskom. This is more cost efficient and sustainable especially where Botswana’s electrical grid suffers persistent rolling blackouts. Currently, Botswana’s internal power generation sources fulfil merely half of the nations’ 700MW electricity demand. With over 3,200 hrs of sunshine per year, generating 22 Mega Joules per hour (MJ/hr), Botswana is one of the most lucrative solar markets in the world.

“Solar is an important component to sustainable energy supply. I am encouraged to see that government officials are recognising and embracing this. The government would need to forge successful partnership with credible players in the market. I am happy as a citizen that I am able to avail this opportunity to Botswana to be a leader in providing alternative energy, exporting our knowledge, expertise and products to the rest of Africa and the world. Nothing is stopping us but our attitude. I am confident that in 5 years from now, we will be among the leaders in solar technology. So what are we waiting for, the time is now.” said Prince.

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